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Domain names, Web hosting, Responsive web sites, SSL certificates, Google & Facebook ads. Facebook pages and Facebook contests.
Develops and realizes applications based on Facebook, especially for the advertising needs of big clients (multinational companies and big advertising agencies), targeting on the improvement of their communication and promotional activations. Moreover, we develop small automatic applications, very users-friendly and value-for-money, for smaller companies

Web Services

Domain name
Get your ideal domain name. It only takes seconds to find and buy.

Register the appropriate domain name of your business, product or project and defend your brands on the on-line environment.  The domain name is  the first basic step for having an on-line communication!

The appropriate domain name is really important for the building of your site and mainly  improves your  brand’s image.  The domain name, in few words, is the  name that your consumers will use in order to find you. It is the “window sign” of your site and therefore of your business!

Web Hosting
If you wish to publish a personal website, blog or even a professional corporate website of your business, you need to “host it” somewhere online.

Web Hosting is a service of hosting which allows the user (person, organization or corporate business) to upload the relative site an make it accessible in all the internet users!

Web Sites
If you wish to have a profesional website, adapt in every screen (pc, tablet, mobile and inside facebook) that you need is a “Fully Responsive” web site.

A responsive template (as the one used for this website), allows a website to resize smoothly across multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms, be it a computer, tablet or mobile device.

SSL certificate
Protect transactions and customer data with a SSL Certificate. Turn into Https your web site’s Url, also you can Show your web site inside your Facebook page.

Choose reliable certificates for protecting the personal data of your costumers and ensuring the on-line transactions in your site.

Using the SSL Certificates  you ensure the on line transactions in your site, you encrypt the data of your online costumers and you certify your site.  The communication between your site and its costumers will be encoded and secure for certain.

Email marketing
Change the way you think about your direct email marketing strategy, and use our services to get more out of your digital marketing campaigns.

The email campaigns are a direct, but first of all measurable way of communication. The email marketing is of world-wide range, completely targeted, interactive, value-for-money, without time limitations, and by using it in the appropriate way you only come closer to your marketing goals and earning targets.

Social Services

Facebook education & seminars
Learn about Facebook. Why and How to use Facebook for your company. Public & Private seminars about Facebook.

Facebook pages
Customize Company’s Facebook fan page. Increase Likes.
Upgrade & Boost your Facebook page.
Facebook ads
Monitoring Facebook ads. Make your ads on Facebook more efficiency with better results.
Facebook apps
Create facebook apps to engange yopur customers.
Facebook contests
Get Social has create the 1st Greek Promotion platform for Facebook contests. Use iLike Voucher Promotions Platform by yourself.

Get Social | Google Adwords & Facebook Ads

Attract more customers. The Google AdWords & Facebook ads can help you attract new visitors to your site, increase online sales and phone calls you receive or to enhance the loyalty of your customers. Reach the right people at the right time – a) Users at Google find your business, just when you are looking offer, b) reach Facebook users and create a social audience. | Advertise locally or globally | View details

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